The Ultimate Lesson of True Leadership

Lessons Learned (So Far) in Steve's GTY "Project Spaulding":
A discussion moderated by Peter Alduino, President, Bridge Group Communications

“Tommy gave the introductory remarks at that fundraiser [I was the keynoter] in Denver, and his talent and electricity as a speaker was immediately and abundantly clear. What I’ve come to know since, though, is that he wants to expand on that talent and establish a presence on the so-called speakers circuit. In short, Tommy wanted to do what I do.

And there, I now saw, was my Greater Than Yourself sweet spot.

And right then and there I made a second vow, a vow that could literally change both our lives in an intensely personal way: I would—after getting Tommy’s full agreement with and commitment to the task at hand—do everything I could, share all that I had learned, give all my connections and contacts so that, in time, Tommy Spaulding would be a significantly better, more famous, more influential public speaker, figure and thought leader than I.

I had no doubt that he’d be up for that, although, given his humility, I knew he’d be more than a little uncomfortable with the idea of “surpassing” me.

He’ll get used to it, I thought.”
-From Greater Than Yourself, by Steve Farber

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